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My name is Pinky. I have always loved making handmade crafts. I grew up in Istanbul Turkey where I learned from my grandmothers how to make different types of crafts purses,gloves,hair accessories,jewelrys and more. Now i live in the USA. I started to make JUBBJUBB handbags in 2008, when I was living in Turkey and I sold all kinds of color and models. JUBBJUBB bags are makes very cute and unique gifts especially at Chirstmas, birthdays and valentines day. I love all kinds of jewelry.They dont have to be a real or expensive jewelry. If it is a piece that looks unique,great and especially shiny i love it:) When is was a little girl i use to love my mom's jewelry box.I was going to her room and open her magical jewelry box:) It was magical to me back then lol. And then her closet, puting on her most shiny dress and if i had enough time before she found me her make up :) I love jewelry because it helps to complete an outfit.Jewelry also makes an perfect gift, If you dont know what to get jewelry is the best idea:) I love jewelry, especially rhinestones, they are unique, classic, shiny and match everything.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

JubbJubb Handbags
golden mustard yellow JUBBJUBB knitted fur handbag with yellow flower
This wonderful JUBBJUBB Knitted handbag is made with golden mustard yellow color high quality 100% polyester fur yarn , 100% acrylic mustard yellow color yarn, real wood baghandles, adorable yellow flower, and it has a mustard yellow color lining inside.
If you want you can take off the flower.
Tall : 10'' without handles
Tall : 17'' with handles
Wide : 15''-16''(flexible)
Handles: 7''

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